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Forward – My Introduction to blogging; Did I Cave?

Before this year I would have considered myself a fairly open-minded, private, compartmentalized woman. It was, however, 2017, where I began to understand the full personal benefits of medical cannabis.

Yes, I love an audience. I’m loud, opinionated and love nothing more than an argument where I  can irrefutably prove logically and scientifically that I am correct. I’m a little selective in my opponents and there is a direct correlation between length of a given debate and who I have chosen as my verbal sparring partner. I try, as a rule, to not engage with my lawyerly brother in law or any elderly males I’m related to by blood or marriage; my father, for example, is as stubborn as I am. I try to avoid arguments with people who have a high probability of a short lifespan, either natural or Mana made.

However, against an affable friend or strongly educated family member/loved one there are no such guarantees. I delight in regaling my recent victim’s loss to Mr. Clark’s semi-conscious form in our bed just before he falls asleep or whenever my brain finally runs out of steam. I do this for two reasons:

  1. Illustrate through interpretive dance how often he is permitted to “mess” with me and my equality ideals when he regains consciousness the following solar cycle.
  2. Further illustrate how I, Mana Clark, can viable provider for our Clark Cub and much larger Halflings Minturtle and delainey.foster, of Instagram fame.

After the performance has no effect on my unconscious corpse mate, Mr. Clark, my Mind realized it requires additional outlets beyond the IM or text inbox of everyone I’ve ever met. Thus began this blog; I don’t want to view it as “caving” but more becoming more efficient in my old age.

This particular blog post is not the forum for me to argue my genetic superiority to Mr. Clark and like of his gender or discuss in detail the specifics of medically endorsed cannabis use. These topics I’m sure will be discussed in their given season, based on anecdotal timelines.

However, I would like to pause here taking this opportunity to publically apologize to all my dear friends, family, and loved ones. You’ve all patiently sat through the year and a half of self-inspection, cannabis research, experimentation, constant questions and rants; I am so very sorry; I am aware of how loud I can be, I do much better in private settings. Clarks are not the most famous of the English ninja clans. Could you please explain the same to your smaller children? It has been only recently I’ve begun to understand what outlets are appropriate and which are not at 3 am. All of you are saints and will get a favorable mention, at least once indirectly on my blog. That’s the best I can promise. I believe the danger has mostly passed.

This is where I feel my apologies will end; right here in this blog post. I have come to believe there was an equal exchange of entertainment for eardrum suffering of my loved ones. The being loud is all that I will apologize for going forward, with any luck.

I am a woman who smokes pot, medicinally; Mr. Clark is not so inclined. I am also a lady who likes to learn, create and make educated love to my very suspicious but patient eternal partner, Mr. Clark. Likewise, this is not of his bent.

This is my Beloved, balanced counterpart, in all the ways that matter to the peaceful happy life we share. He is intelligent, worldly, meticulous and unhealthily obsessed with my personal happiness.

We’ve been loudly debating the terms of who is the most clever or beautiful of the two of us. That’s all that keeps me from finally signing that pesky marriage license and cementing the ’til death do us part of our vows.

The only counterargument I can provide against Mr. Clark’s character is the hearsay information he’s been hoarding about the medicinal benefit use of marijuana in relation to his depressed anxious wife. All this time, 14 years, he’s never encouraged its use for my mental and physical health. His only defense; he likes me the way I am. He’s often heard mumbling about not falling into that trap, again, thank you very much.

This is where things started to make sense to me. Pot let me find the hole inside me, see the hole and throw thoughts and ideas and words at the hole until I noticed the dark hole getting smaller. Once I notice the broad expanse of the hole getting smaller, the urge to throw more ideas and words became really infectious. I still don’t know what the final outcome will be and normally that kind of uncertainty would drive me crazy.

I plan to try new things with no expectation for results and document my adventures in this forum. The best things in my life have always happened when I don’t hang onto expectations but I’d like to write them down here so that when I get old and lonely I can come back to my record. I’ll try to go slow by way of social etiquette and try to put as many disclaimers at the top of my posts as I can to avoid offending those biologically related to me directly.

The big empty hole in the middle of all my happiness, it accepts words and thoughts without rejection or criticism, mostly. Cannabis helps the guards at the gates relax or come to attention as I dictate enhancing my already awesome abilities so that even I can’t deny their existence; turns out Mr. Clark may have been correct all these years.

This will not be a blog about pot but about what I learn while I use pot or the thoughts I become self-aware of.

General site rules and regulations as I’ve established them so far are as follows:
  1. I will set a time limit to learn a new task at the outset of the new task and write about it on manaclark.com. A poll will be taken to continue with the topic the following week or to start a new topic with you, dear readers advising, thank you in advance. Random polls may be periodically posted to satisfy a debate or new topic selections.
  2. ManaClark.com will be pleasant safe space or I will lock it down with the force of the All-Father. Unconstructive comments will not be published and for the sake of my mental health promptly forgotten. Offensive comments will be published and publicly shamed on social media based on their offensive nature.
  3. I am open to negotiations with guest writers, terms of bribery will be discussed at point of direct contact

That’s it, let’s see where this goes, shall we?




4 thoughts on “Forward – My Introduction to blogging; Did I Cave?”

  1. You had me scared for a minute there when you said you hadn’t signed the marriage license… You’d think I’d know not to take you too seriously by now, but guess not…


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