Weekly content poll

Week 2 – Content Poll Result; Tie breaker?

Well, dear Readers it seems we have a freaking tie; I have to admit that I procrastinated writing about this week’s poll results.  There’s lack of precedence on this site to determine what to do with a tie breaker, the other reason is my God given lazy streak.

After some deliberation with my lawyers, we have reached a mutually beneficial decision to suit all parties including potentially, yourself.

manaclark.com - Poll 2 - Week 2 - Nov 28 2017

My suggestion is a little social experiment, I will write a blog post “About Me – The ManaClark Chronicles, continued; The Eldest Changeling” for this Friday, December 1, 2017.

The following Wednesday, December 6, 2017,another blog entry will be posted with pictures and recipes for “From the Test Lab; Mana Makes a Tincture“. That post will need to be a short 2 blog post series because of the time it takes a takes for one of these concoctions to “steep” based on my inexperience and for lack of a better word.

Friday, December 8, 2017,  a poll will posted for the Christmas and New Years blog content. Site followers who complete the poll can opt to be entered to win one of two 30 ml samples of the tincture after it’s “steeped”. There will be entry and consent forms to complete for the tincture samples. Winners will be chosen December 31, 2017 based on legal discretion and contacted directly.

manaclark.com - Poll 3 - Tincture image



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