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Happy New Year and Anniversary, Mr. Clark – A personal note

Happy New Year and Anniversary, Mr. Clark - A personal note

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From the Test Lab – Christmas Encore; ManaCannaCider

Merry Christmas, as promised here is my #cannabis infused #ChristmasCider recipe, good with or without a twist. Notice Board, Uncategorized Notice Board: New Blog Post Friday

NEW blog post being posted Friday with another #cannabis infused #ChristmasCider recipe that's good with or without the tincture from #MerryChristmas2017!

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Week 4 – The Mana Chronicles – Mr. Clark, Blessing or Challenge?

On the dark highway to Lake Louise, I started to quiz Mr. Clark about why he thought people liked to listen to generally sad music, like I do, for example.

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Merry Christmas from! From Mana’s Test Lab – Forward – For My First Attempt

Applications for membership and your holiday recipe can be sent to the new Facebook group Facebook group - Friends of I'll choose from the pool eligible people on Friends of

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Contact Mana Clark

This one's for me Ma, she was right good'un, she was. At the end of my days i want to remember all the moments that lead me to the path that I stand on today; that i used my voice to help others suffering, unnecessarily,  from chronic anxiety and depression; no matter how silly that voice tends to be.

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Week 3 – The Mana Clark Chronicles: The Eldest Changeling

I thought that was a bit extreme since I've already done most of the things on this list at least once or am planning to do inspired by this vary list, this is why Rory loves her Mom!