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Week 3 – The Mana Clark Chronicles: The Eldest Changeling

The Eldest Changling 2

While researching content for this week’s blog post I went through all my journals, as one does preparing to introduce their eldest Triumph to the world.

 Going through my files reminded me that while raising a Clark male to full maturity was a challenge it pales to the comprehensive and technical moves required to raise a force of nature that is a Clark female, with half my genetic makeup.

Rory, as she’s agreed to be addressed in this forum, is my eldest Changeling. Her rather impressive array of talents and beauty have been captured in photo format for the last number of years but I would like to give you the Mana perspective, Coles Notes version, which includes but not limited to:

  • Nature photography, which I take every opportunity to thwart
  • A pretty confident writer’s voice
  • A really big opinion
  • An uncanny ability to parrot facts and rules, confidently, on demand, without warning or provocation.
  • She is the MOST literal being I have ever been been morally responsible for second only to myself.

I am afraid and uncomfortably aware of exactly when my pasty little clone started raising me but Rory has forbidden that I publically discuss the following topics:

I thought that was a bit extreme since I’ve already done most of the things on this list at least once or am planning to do inspired by this vary list, this is why Rory loves her Mom!The Eldest Changling 6My brilliant daughter has the brains and the official acceptance letter to be some kind of engineer at the University of Calgary. She gets her brilliance from Mr. Clark, one of those funny, ruggedly handsome, good at everything types; yeah; I think those people are disgusting too.

The Eldest Changling 4

She’s waffling on what kind of engineer she’d like to be, there was brief a mental health breakdown during the early admissions application process, she doesn’t have to finally decide on her major until the second year, at least that’s what her Aunty Megan told her. She slept for two glorious nights without waking me up to question the nature of the universe.

I’m not an especially good parent for an engineer type; I grew up to be a anatomy loving, history nerd turned Massage Therapist, Blog Writer with Alumni status at Mount Royal University.

I love to curl up next to by the fire reminiscing about bygone medical eras with my ten year old Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary or wax poetic about the latest psychological journal findings or medical podcasts over my morning tea and cereal to my unlucky victims; of all my victims, Rory is my least patient. I like to think she’s secretly interested in cloning technology but not willing to be converted, would disrupt the fabric of her reality.

I’ve been trying to counsel my daughter for years about honesty, feminism and free thinking and after all these years Rory’s Nook is in the initial stages of labour and content should be appearing on a certain blog near you by the New Year. I’m looking forward to the challenge that will be working with my very beautiful, loud, impatient eldest Changeling.

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