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Week 4 – The Mana Chronicles – Mr. Clark, Blessing or Challenge?

On the way to the ski hill, Sunday morning it occurred to me that even after almost 2 decades of marriage, Mr. Clark and I don’t have the same taste in music, the sudden realization was a bit of a surprise to me, as far as those kinds of things go.

On the dark highway to Lake Louise, I started to quiz Mr. Clark about why he thought people liked to listen to generally sad music like I do. To clarify, I don’t always listen to sad music, I would classify the mood of the artists that I listen to as fairly new age peppered with K-Pop, NIN, A Perfect Circle and Fall Out Boy, Shakey Graves, respectively.

By way of explanation to my dear Mr. Clark who is incapable of reading my mind, I elaborated; I preferred to listen to sad or thoughtful music because it gave me perspective; If I’m down it helps me to remember that my life isn’t ever as bad as the artist employing sound, rhythm and words to express their feelings. I’d been so caught up in my own anxieties, until my verbose, frankly convoluted explanation to Mr. Clark, I hadn’t understood that some people like to perpetuate a bad mood; I still don’t really understand why, thankfully.

The entertainment trend in our family in musical, written or otherwise leans towards a blissful tolerance, mostly, except for Rory.  Mr. Clark, Mr. Pants and I generate our entertainment picks based on a well practiced thoughtfulness and passive aggressive tendencies.

Our varied entertainment selections, music, podcasts and stories illuminate to me the fluid, island like peace that is the of our family. For clarity, I have named this haven Clark Island, for so it shall be referred.

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As a side note, Reader if my language is too heavy handed, biblical or otherwise, you’re welcome to comment but I likely won’t respond, I’m busy being happy.

I tend to like to listen to folk musicians when I’m thoughtful but I can’t recall ever being truly sad; I often to listen to perky uplifting things simply for the pleasure of pulling my mind out of the sad puddle; I’ve an anxious and very busy mind.

Let me give some context, Mr. Clark has been tolerating my musical preference and personal eccentricities for the last two decades, with the patients not common in most men; not that I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. Image may contain: 1 person, outdoor

While I am inquisitive and love to learn, I can pretend to be an adult long enough to admit that I am a constantly defensive person; this likely will never be explained to you, Reader. Mr. Clark, is frustratingly, adorably, helpful, kind and ruggedly handsome, #ManahasteawithNathanFillon.

There’s no science to it, the Clarks have evolved and developed a very subtle safety system, this is where the #threebitrule originated.

The nugget if wisdom Mr. Clark supplied on that dark trans Canada highway, at junction of highway 2 and the entrance to Paskapoo; “Well, generally, if it’s not loud, situationally irritating or tiresome, I can generally sit through pretty much everything”.

This Reader, is my #Number2, I give you my Mr. Clark.Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, phone and outdoor


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