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From the Test Lab – Christmas Encore; ManaCannaCider

Merry Christmas, as promised here is my #cannabis infused #ChristmasCider recipe, good with or without a twist.I made my tincture out of spiced rum to be festive, this recipe is good with or without a cannabis tincture or alcohol infusion.

Here’s a link with instructions to make the tincture from Tinctures 101, What Are They, How to Make Them.

It does take some time to make cannabis tinctures properly, tinctures can be found through a federally licensed cannabis producer, please, discuss this option with your medical practitioner.

This dearest Readers, I give you my Mother’s Christmas Cider recipe, perfect, just as it is.

ManaClark.com_Christmas Cider

I would be delighted for your feedback and recipes, I’ll try as many as I have time to and you’ll get credit, I’ll take some pictures and type out the recipe and no, it doesn’t have to contain cannabis or the like. I just like to take pictures of pretty food and make my own personal modifications as required.

I will be testing as many as I’m able but pictures to go with your recipe would be helpful. entries submitted using the contact form below:

Merry Christmas and all the best in 2018.

Love, AMC


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