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Happy New Year and Anniversary, Mr. Clark – A personal note

I wanted to take this opportunity, while a little high and December 31 being my anniversary, to wish my sweet Angel husband, Mr. Clark, a very happy LONG number of years together; I’m not actually sure how you still have all your digits and extremities, intact; exhibit 1, our minions.

Don’t tell Mr. Clark but I’m never actually sure how many years we’ve been married, I’m going to go with two decades.ManaClark.com_Happy Anniversary Mr Clark 2017 v3It’s unseemly to be this happy in Public, Mr. Clark, we might need to tone that down a little bit; I think people are starting to get jealous, the children may also be a little grossed out.The Eldest Changling 2

I love you more than any other Mr. Clark, you have my heart, mind and strength for all the Eternity I have left in this old spirit.

Thank you, Sir, for my extraordinary life;

Your, AMCManaClark.com_Happy Anniversary Mr Clark 2017 v9


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