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Token New Years Post – Welcome 2018 – The Notorious Cuddle Army

Manaclark.com_Notorious Cuddle Army_New Years 2017 v2Dearest Readers, it has been a long couple of weeks of crazy Christmas and New Year activities and trying to start early on resolutions. I am delighted with my progress and so grateful that I had some help dealing with the anxiety and insomnia!

Mr. Pants, as you will recall has turned into a full teenager just shy of his 12th birthday, this is going to be a bumpy ride. We light candles for him daily and pray for rational thought to return to my sweet adolescent.

My halflings gathered themselves together last night relaying their Christmas stories, excitedly to one another, peppered with swearing at a RPG video game called Army of Two

Really though, the luckiest to be alive is my dear Mr. Clark we’re all a little relieved my maniac went back work. The holidays are hardest on the ones I love. It’s been cold as heck in my litte city and snowing just about every day since Dec 23 and we’ve were locked in together, it was messy, picture Saw.

We’re not snowed in by any New Brunswick standards but my arms hurt from shoveling and the others are whiny and not built for the cold like I am.

Well, today dear Reader, I would like to introduce to the other half of my cast of real life characters; the Notorious Cuddle Army. 
Don’t tell the other’s but I like that my furbabies can’t talk but are perfectly capable of communicating. It’s kind of creepy if I’m being honest.

Image may contain: cat and indoorThe adorable baby in the picture noted above looks sweet but he’s kind of Jerk; Friends this is the #BigOrangTabbyCat his real name, too long to type here, so he will often be refered to as Cougar Clark who has spiritually with Mr. Clark.

Next #scepticalpuppy who is actually really old but often forgets.

Putter is a 11 year old retriever who loves everyone; much like myself and the dog from Up. He likes to run, eat, lean on people and swim.  Raised with #bigorangetabby the two wrestle like siblings, claws, teeth,  and #carpetbombs 24/7, I’m pretty sure like each other though. Putter has a bed in every room of our house, there’s often time in his day for an emergency flop. Lastly, #Fang she’s the only one of our pets who is self aware, acknowledging her perpetual superiority to we everything the way Cats do. She’s just as strange as the rest if us though, her love affair with all things pea related still baffles our Vet.


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