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I Shouldn’t Have to Shave My Head or Change my Profile Picture: #WhyWeWearBlack

ManaClark.com_Winter Photo 2

If you haven’t had enough of my face all over your feed this is what I look like. Just a Canadian woman in late thirties, married a really long time with two of the most beautiful kids genetically possible.

I am aware the referenced picture above makes me appear beautiful but I am more than that, I like to walk, hike, write run and yes I’m pretty funny! I am also pretty, I work really hard and try to be as kind as my Mom raised me to be.

I am sexually harassed daily by men and women wanting sex, money and electronics. Scams where people pose as celebrities to steal things and feelings from others.

In my frustration, i considered the only two obvious options:

  • Shave my head
  • Replace my profile picture with one of my very cute dog


I know it’s the nature of the beast, I cannot control the world but I can use my very loud voice. stapled1817 @nathanfillion @misterkarate which option is best?


#whywewearblack #dammit#cannabiscommunity @wearewomentum#IWANTRESPECT #dammit #internet #trolls#sonofanutcracker #isaidno @justinpjtrudeau@sophiegregoiretrudeau


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