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2018 Mana Chronicles – With Great Power comes an Unsupervised, Ranting of One, Mana.

hen started out with my path with a #420Lifestyle I was hoping for a positive result, I personally got one but admittedly, it took a lot of work to get to a point where I got comfortable talking about my lifestyle change.

At the point of trying cannabis, not for the first time, I was with someone I trusted and had more experience to help me learn what worked and REALLY didn’t, I have linked the definition of “Greening Out” for your convenience. I would refer you, Reader, back to Exhibit 1, the last article on our friend Mr. Clark:

ManaClark.com_Happy Anniversary Mr Clark 2017 v10

For a number of reasons that I had remove from this article because the word count was getting a little extreme some of my reasons to avoid the use of Marijuana are summarized below:

  • Semi active part of a major Christian based world religion
  • The religion in which i was raised has always been caring and loving for me, personally

I wrestled with the moral, legal and ethical boundaries of cannabis use for months before I got an appointment to get a prescription. I couldn’t reconcile the reason for the secrecy and the legal, medical, benefits I was experiencing.

Again for a number of reasons, the medicinal marijuana that I use today helps me. I’m still learning what safe, what’s okay in small doses or what can cause me problems if I abuse. It took me, with the limited amount of medical knowledge to a Mount Royal University graduate with a pretty good memory of a Pathophysiology class from 2011, Nearly a year before I finally found a mentor to help me understand the flood of seemingly biased information. There was nothing geared towards a New User, with a balanced educated objective opinion or minimum of scientific evidence supporting or disproving cannabis use as a viable medicine.

I educated myself based on the information availble that marijuana used as a medical treatment has positive and negative aspects, above all progress in relation to the benefit of the human race needs to start somewhere. For good or for ill, cannabis has been legalized in Canada for medicinal use, full federal legalization is currently scheduled for July 1, 2018, as of the publishing of this article.

I’d had an unpleasant first encounter with anxiety and depression when my Mom passed away, suddenly, age of 54. I’m not proud of how I acted, smiling to hide the truth, kept personal things quiet, not sharing them because I was proud. I worked very hard to get away from my personal gremlins. I though I didn’t know who I was when I was 29 but I did (#ManaManameetsWorld). I know if my Mom would have had the same help I’ve had, she could have survived, but she didn’t and that’s why I write.

No automatic alt text available.


In my old age and the employment of a mild amount of medical cannabis, I’ve come to understand that I am Mana Clark. Jackie McKay’s Daughter, Mrs. Clark and Holder of some of the car keys. While what’s happened was unfortunate, tragic, it made me, Mr. Stinky and Rory and my dear Mr. Clark. It put me down a path were I was finally able to find real help and know who I’d become in the decade since my mom passed. It wasn’t all bad, I have time to make it better.

What happened back then has happened. Recently. much to Mr. Clark’s shock I was able to admit that I had a physical problem being wrong, I may be a little abrasive, easily distracted and I don’t sleep well and I have a beautiful heart. I can’t change who I am now, the hours I’ve sat up all night for the last ten years, wondering if I could have changed the course of a phone call that turned my little pull car of life around wound up and angry to devolve. Up until my regular medical cannabis use I believed i had control of everything, a good firm stranglehold and then my daughter started dating a lovely Columbian boy; hi Jo!

If you ask Mr. Clark, he thinks I’m awesome and will sometimes, if he’s in a really good mood break into song extolling my hero status among our little tribe. This is the only thing we have fought about vigorously for the duration of our relationship, that Mr. Clark will admit to. I assure you modesty aside, Mr. Clark is the Saint where I strictly remain a normal, intelligent, woman, desperately in love with my husband with recently discovered boundaries and rights (#womensmarch).

I know the term “perfect” is used flippantly, I need to point out, Reader, not only have I extolled Mr. Clark’s many, nuances, to the entire world, he is the perfect husband for one Mrs. Mana Clark. Mr. Clark, will be taking his beautiful wife to Deadpool 2 once it’s immediately available in theaters May 18, 2018 (USA), (#ManaMeetsRyanReynolds).

Image result for his crazy matches my crazy meme

Mr. Reynolds, I’m sorry I’ve been mentioning you a lot in my Instagram feed posts, it’s only because you’re adorable, I’ve found you attractive for a number of years, you’re Canadian and I hope to buy you and your beautiful wife tea some day. Also, your name always comes up just before i finish typing Mr. Clark’s name (#ManaMeetstheWorld).Image result for ryan reynolds and blake lively

I have had very few moments of perfect clarity in my life. Where my mind gets quiet, I can see objectively and know nothing can go wrong; those moments exist for me as long as I can hear Mr. Clark’s voice.

ManaClark.com_Winter Photo 2

I have been told I am cute with my big eyes, baby cheeks, personable, kind and stubborn as hell, nature. More recently, since engaging with social media to promote my site, I’ve been called degrogatgory names and shown ugly things. It’s after I discuss my troubles openly with the ones that I love, I’m able to find the patterns in my Universe corresponding, whatever form that love takes.

Image result for the universe is under no obligation to make sense to you

Just to provide you with the legal proof that I am not a strong woman, Reader, I cried writing this article. I had to find a playlist on Google Play Music playlist to keep happy to get through it; stinkin’, bloody, cute, Ed Sheeran (#ManaMeetsEd).


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