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Wonder Woman meets Samurai Jack in the Canadian Wilds of Banff, Alberta

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Dear Readers,

I have the privilege of living in Alberta and as far as I’ve seen we have the most beautiful mountains, landscapes and skiing in Canada. I know people really like Switzerland but Alberta is what I imagine heaven looks like on a bad day.

About an hour and a half from the city where I live, in Calgary, is a picturesque world-famous mountain ski town named Banff.

I mention Banff specifically because I interact with a number of international individuals on social media. Most of those people don’t know what a Calgary is. Out of laziness or efficiency I usually just say I live in Banff, everyone seems to know where that is.

That’s where the celebrities go to ski and party. It’s close enough to drive to advture any chance we get, life doesn’t get better than that!

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Yes, Banff is a place to ski and party, surrounded by mountain after mountain of ski resorts, hostels, a cannabis friendly community, international attitudes, food and Canadian libations.

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But there are no words to explain the unique deafening silence and unsettling anxiety of sitting in an alpine meadow, beyond the safety of the electric fence to keep wild life off the Lake Louise ski hill. Jusy there, over the rise of Mr. Clark’s left knee, in the picture above.

Cuddling a canister of bear spray with the person you love most, l Mr. Clark, that was a pretty good date, I’m impressed.

Readers, I’d like to tell you about some friends of ours who are even bigger maniacs but I need to get their permission first. Seriously climbing 3 mountains in a day for a free beer, that’s freaking amazing! Physically impossible for me to do but maybe I could do half of one mountain, I’ve been working out!

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Like so many other things, situations, human beings, Banff is so much more than just a ski party winter town!

There are seasonally changing, major tourist attractions that can’t be seen anywhere else in the world. In the summer Parks Canada needs constant crowd parking control to keep the peace, particularly in the summer; don’t even get me started on the larches changing colours in the fall.

Calgary is beautiful in the same way but different, moving as away from the wall of nature of Banff as possible.

We don’t need to worry about bears ,too often. Moose really only come into the Weasel Head area sometimes and the snow and cold can be challenging but really only in the winter.

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I am proud to live in a city, province and country were a huge emphasis is put on helping one another to the best of your ability. This is my prairie and this is my home, if you have the chance to check out the musical stylings of Corb Lund or Paul Brandt, I would suggest that having a listen to these Alberta boys may change your life for the better.

My new character, @TheMommyJane is an American and she’s advised me the spiritual Lieutenant Dan to her Forest Gump, I took that as a compliment.

She cares for me as a sister and I’ve decided that we are sisters much in the manner of Anne and Diana of the Green Gables.

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I have bestowed upon her the honourable title of Wonder Woman (WW).

When we talk we are constantly amused about the social differences between our countries but the bond is there by fate, magic or prayer.

WW swears to me she has an invisible plane and a lasso of truth somewhere, this has yet to be confirmed, she lives too far away.

She’s an adult and can curl her hair, do her makeup like the real mom’s do. She worries and suffers with anxiety and fear, just like the real mom’s do.

Despite her fear she gets up the next day, puts on her big girl underpants and goes out and stands up for what’s honourable and decent.

Wonder Woman cries with me, swears with and for and at me, it so beautiful! We try to have scheduled Skype chat times but being the busy ladies sometimes it doesn’t happen, that’s very normal.

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WW and I have found a way to record our phone conversations to podcasts but haven’t come up with a good working title or a theme song yet. Any suggestions or help would be welcome.

Please feel free to contact me directly via my contact page!

Were getting help from friends my buddy Thor is helping but he’s in Norway and there’s a limited amount he can explain to me over Skype.

In counter balance to the elegance that is WW, I have named myself after the greatest cartoon character of all time, Samurai Jack, mostly, because I feel he imbibes my inner struggle with anxiety and my outer struggle with bad assery.

As another side note, if you ever have the opportunity to see the art that is Samurai Jack Cartoon it will again change your life, I can’t be positive on which direction the change will go.

If you feel like you would like to take a stab at adding content or would like to collaborate please contact me directly using the form on my contact page.

Love first and no judgement,


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