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2018 Mana Chronicles – Cow Tipping, Fight Club Rules – International Women’s day with Batgirl and Cannabis.

Yeah, cow tipping, not exactly the urban mythos you thought it was, Reader.

Some Readers in more urban areas may not be aware of some of the fine traditions we get to enjoy the more cowboy areas of Alberta, Canada. There are many proud and less savory traditions, too many to name here.

Cow tipping rules vary widely internationally and while there are no scientific records of a successful cow tipping event, it was something that I attempted, as a young girl. I was under the influence of the greatest Mormon youth group in Southern Alberta history prior to 1990.

I camped out those amazingly ballsy women every summer until I turned 18, tornadoes, dead bodies, leaches and duct taped Young Men. One Year my own Mother was the camp director, that the was the best, worst camp year ever, God rest her soul.

If you give a large or small group of women influence over another army of more impressionable younger army, it is my belief that literally anything can be accomplished.

On occasion, my father Mr. Butler, would regale my sibilings and any Church Tribal relations holding still too long, with tales of his father, grandfather and epic any poems he’d memorized to combat the crippling anxiety and depression that run so strongly as a theme in my family. His personal favorite was “The cremation of Sam McGee” and “Ballad of the Ice Worm Cocktail”, respectively.

The stories as I recall often included Mountain Lions, in Alberta, snow on the date of my father’s birth, in June, Snipes and volunteer fire fighting in the wheat fields. My favorite though was cow tipping.

Something I noticed even as a shorter less socially aware version of myself, there were no inspiring stories about the female half of the butlers. I felt for the education of my children that had to change.

In my 16th year I was given half the command of a tent of younger females. I, Mana Clark, was the cat’s ass that summer.

I was able to convince the majority of my camp that instead of a snipe hunt that year, I wanted to go cow tipping.I have photographic evidence that the rally cry worked, my future role as a Leader, assured. I’m pretty sure that was the year Sister Davidson was Camp Director, I love that woman!

On my father’s side, I come from a very long, proud line of faithful LDS/Mormons: enthusiastic, wonderful, reliable and passionate as an LDS women or man. While my father’s family has been Mormon forever, they’re very human.

With a subjectively aged perspective, I am now able to admit that I am also, Human. Like everyone but we’re all going to be so much more!

For those getting gittery about the mention if religion, this is about as descriptive about the LDS/Mormon faith as I get.

If you want to know more and I haven’t scared you off yet; a link to an informative YouTube video is displayed below, do as you will.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet one Reader, most of the Mormons encountered are not notorious for being social ninjas.

I’m part of this grand human inheritance with a very finite amount if time to learn and experience social nuances or electronic social media ques.

I am also going to take this opportunity to introduce you to another one of my American friends/superhero, Batgirl.

Like me beautiful friend who is perfect, she is more than just what this picture shows.

I am a Woman, Mormon, Feminist, Web Developer and Human. My Mother taught me unconditional love.

I have celebrated International Women’s day with my friend Batgirl, being reminded, I am loved and can love without judgements or questions, reinforces the lessons my mother gave me. I have been able to make a positive change with the help of loving Tribe, an Army of heros and Villans.

If You’re Going Through Hell https://g.co/kgs/xHQRKd

I think as conscious beings, We might be able to really accomplish something good, collectively.

Thank you, all my Love,




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