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2018 Mana Chronicles – Birthday Tribute – Dear Mr. Fillion; Finding Serenity and Being Proud of Your Moxie

Dear Mr. Nathan Fillion,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you you know how I ardently admire and like you a whole lot!

You have a solid, handsome, impish face and polling my peers your face does continue to be considered very handsome.

With your own celebration of birth mere days after mine, how could I not write in honor of this very special time to wish us both well?

I have been following your work for a creepy number of years not as long as your good sainted Canadian Mother, I bet she has the best stories!

My accursed crush has been active, off and on since Firefly and is well known to my husband, Mr. Clark.

You could cuss in Mandarin better than any man in a low slung holster that this 23 year old woman had ever seen. Please give Mr. Wheadon and Mr. Minear my kindest regards.

For my birthday, Mr. Fillion, I would like to have a conversation with you. It can be over the phone or recorded by my friends at http://www.pounce.tv could record it, for prosperity and science. To see if a we can be civil, if you can overlook your Edmonton pride and find yourself accidentally or purposefully in or near my city, I would.be delighted to meet you in person (https://www.visitcalgary.com/).

I wanted to thank you personally the example and positive influence for the humor and moxie you’ve shown over the years in your passions and art.

You inspire me.

Your signature plucky spirit, well timed humor and damn cocky smile make a difference to this old Canadian cannabis comedian writer from Calgary.

In honor of our birthdays Mr. Fillion, Mr. Clark is in fact taking me to Edmonton for the Hempfest Cannabis Expo which though outside my personal comfort zone is something that will be such an experience and a story to tell!

Right now the ambient feeling is trepidation mixed with excitement.

Your influence on my strange little life, oddly, extends to the parenting style Mr. Clark and I have adopted.

Our children, while intact have been instilled with a health sense of scepticism which I’m sure you’ll agree is very useful if you’re going to be any fun as a human being.

As just one of so many examples, Mr. Clark will frequently take one or the other of the children for bike rides. There are always really crazy stories to go along with the outing.

There’s a very interesting that has formed between them, a funny competitive mischievous banter that I can’t decided is healthy or not.

Mr. Fillion, I look forward to speaking with you at your earliest convenience.



P.S. I was a little upset when Wash died in Serenity and while it took a little while to come back from that. I’ve learned to accept it was important to the storyline, no matter how traumatic.


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