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2018 Mana Chronicles – With Great Power comes an Unsupervised, Ranting of One, Mana.

I hadn't imagined that my medical cannabis prescription, would lead me down a path of reflection, revelation or the sense of Canadian pride. Nothing biblical but gratefully not paranoid; life as a whole really isn't ever all bad.

Weekly content poll

Week 2 – Content Poll Result; Tie breaker?

After some deliberation with my lawyers, we have reached a mutually beneficial decision to suit all parties including yourselves, Reader.

Weekly content poll

Week 2 – Content Poll 2; Look at My New tricks!

I had a really good time with our poll experiment last week, thanks again for your participation, it really did something for the data analyst in me.

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Week 1 – Content Poll Result – Entschuldigung

  I just need to state for the record, only about half of you have brought this on yourselves. I'm going to be reviewing the length of the poll run for future weeks. Feedback on how this week's poll went is welcome as well as future content suggestions. The new article should be posted on the… Continue reading Week 1 – Content Poll Result – Entschuldigung

Weekly content poll

Week 1 – Content Poll 1 – Thank you in advance.

Dearest Reader, here is the weekly content poll for content, closing November 20, 2017, at midnight.  A new blog post of your choosing should follow the following Friday, November 24. Be gentle with me it's my first time. AMC