About Mana Clark

This one’s for me Ma, she was right good she was.

At the end of my days i want to remember all the moments that lead me to the path that I stand on today; that i used my voice to help others suffering unnecessarily from chronic anxiety and depression; no matter how silly that voice tends to be.

My Sainted Mother, God rest her soul, loved me for who she always knew I was, especially the irreverent bits. She died before I was ready for her to go and I find myself, surprisingly, still at the anger stage of my mourning process.

I spent 3 long years after her passing in the purgatory, affectionately called “That time”. Mr. Clark and I do not speak of “That Time” often; except with a lens of “let’s not drive that road but what a crazy, weird trip” mentality, like the back highway to Whistler.

There’s a funny life motto Mr. Clark lives by and has come back frequently to when anyone in our little clan experience ANY trouble: “Well, I guess that’s the other shoe dropping”.

Because I’ve been married to Mr. Clark for so long, the will make absolutely  no sense to you; had you been sitting on the steps of a giant church, on my honeymoon, in Amsterdam, several years ago. I laughed until i left a urine on the ancient church steps forcing my brand new husband to take dictation in my journal about my theories on God and Amsterdam tourist tariffs. I was awesome. I still have that journal somewhere I’d wager; I will do my best to remember to write a blog post about my honeymoon someday, it’s a gooder.  Could someone please set a reminder to talk about that in the New Year?No automatic alt text available.I digress, Mr. Clark’s meaning is that we as a family are too happy and lucky all the time; we used all of our combined luck finding one another in the vast universe; the bad bits are inevitable, he’s a Romantic. My personal philosophy is a little more Albertan, “Kick the tires to make sure the car is intact, shoulder check the pothole, hit the gas up the next mountain, the universe resetting itself.

Mr. Clark’s is more eloquent, I think it’s a Wheel of Time reference; I do love me some nerdy, sexy, fact knowing, quietly funny, soulmate, men named Mr. Clark. Had to pause there, I was starting to get verby, in the R rated way, that makes Mr. Clark uncomfortable; sometimes I pretend to be a good wife.

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Mr. Clark and I are the proud parents of a little boy, who shall be known here as “Mr. Pants”, our oldest Changeling, “Rory”.

manaclark.com_about me. minions

We have one remaining adopted Changeling, Deraney Clark, for so she is called. She will likely appear periodically in one or more stories. It’s important you know of her relation to our clan. There are some remaining fur babies but they get picture and anecdote face time often enough.If you would like to contact me please use the “Contact” button available to you on this page.

As is only proper for an adult my age, my resume is always available upon request and you’re welcome to contact me using any of the social media options linked below.




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