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I Shouldn’t Have to Shave My Head or Change my Profile Picture: #WhyWeWearBlack

If you haven't had enough of my face all over your feed this is what I look like. Just a Canadian woman who likes to write, take pictures, run and talk, with no adult company for miles .

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Token New Years Post – Welcome 2018 – The Notorious Cuddle Army

Dearest Readers, it has been a long couple of weeks of crazy Christmas and New Year activities and trying to start early on resolutions. I am delighted with my progress and so grateful that I had some help dealing with the anxiety and insomnia! Mr. Pants, as you will recall has turned into a full… Continue reading Token New Years Post – Welcome 2018 – The Notorious Cuddle Army

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Happy New Year and Anniversary, Mr. Clark – A personal note

Happy New Year and Anniversary, Mr. Clark - A personal note

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From the Test Lab – Christmas Encore; ManaCannaCider

Merry Christmas, as promised here is my #cannabis infused #ChristmasCider recipe, good with or without a twist. Notice Board, Uncategorized Notice Board: New Blog Post Friday

NEW blog post being posted Friday with another #cannabis infused #ChristmasCider recipe that's good with or without the tincture from #MerryChristmas2017!

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Week 4 – The Mana Chronicles – Mr. Clark, Blessing or Challenge?

On the dark highway to Lake Louise, I started to quiz Mr. Clark about why he thought people liked to listen to generally sad music, like I do, for example.

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Merry Christmas from! From Mana’s Test Lab – Forward – For My First Attempt

Applications for membership and your holiday recipe can be sent to the new Facebook group Facebook group - Friends of I'll choose from the pool eligible people on Friends of