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2018 Mana Chronicles – With Great Power comes an Unsupervised, Ranting of One, Mana.

I hadn't imagined that my medical cannabis prescription, would lead me down a path of reflection, revelation or the sense of Canadian pride. Nothing biblical but gratefully not paranoid; life as a whole really isn't ever all bad.

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This one's for me Ma, she was right good'un, she was. At the end of my days i want to remember all the moments that lead me to the path that I stand on today; that i used my voice to help others suffering, unnecessarily,  from chronic anxiety and depression; no matter how silly that voice tends to be.

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Week 1 – Content Poll 1 – Thank you in advance.

Dearest Reader, here is the weekly content poll for content, closing November 20, 2017, at midnight.  A new blog post of your choosing should follow the following Friday, November 24. Be gentle with me it's my first time. AMC