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2018 Mana Chronicles – Kill Bill Vol. 1 and The Princess Bride – The Valentines day Special!

I have a number qualities that attract me to other beings and on that lengthy list is badassery ,strength, unconditional love, honesty and a really good sense of humour

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2018 Mana Chronicles – With Great Power comes an Unsupervised, Ranting of One, Mana.

I hadn't imagined that my medical cannabis prescription, would lead me down a path of reflection, revelation or the sense of Canadian pride. Nothing biblical but gratefully not paranoid; life as a whole really isn't ever all bad.

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2018 – Dr. Strange and the case of Mr. Clark’s Hemophobia

We don't give Cannabis to Mr. Clark anymore...

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Happy New Year and Anniversary, Mr. Clark – A personal note

Happy New Year and Anniversary, Mr. Clark - A personal note

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From the Test Lab – Christmas Encore; ManaCannaCider

Merry Christmas, as promised here is my #cannabis infused #ChristmasCider recipe, good with or without a twist.

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Week 4 – The Mana Chronicles – Mr. Clark, Blessing or Challenge?

On the dark highway to Lake Louise, I started to quiz Mr. Clark about why he thought people liked to listen to generally sad music, like I do, for example.

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Merry Christmas from! From Mana’s Test Lab – Forward – For My First Attempt

Applications for membership and your holiday recipe can be sent to the new Facebook group Facebook group - Friends of I'll choose from the pool eligible people on Friends of